Yumbana Products

Yumbana offers a wide selection of unique gluten free retail products. 

Select a category to learn more or locate a nearby store below. 


Finished Products

All products are fully baked (except pie crusts) and frozen. Yumbana products do not contain preservatives. Muffins, Cakes, Pies and Specialty items are best if kept frozen until you want to use them. Our cookies are shelf stable and do not require being kept frozen. For more information on each product click on one of the category buttons above or search the Menu for the item you are interested in.


Click on the image at the left to download a copy of our line-up.


Local Stores

Yumbana products are available at King Soopers, Safeway and Lucky's Market stores throughout Colorado.

King Soopers - Bakery Dept display freezers

Safeway - cookies are in the cookie aisle or on the "Buy Local" end cap. Frozen Items are in an endcap/inline freezer.

Lucky's Markets - Bakery Freezers

Each store will carry a different number of products due to space.  Please be sure to check with the manager to see which items that particular store carries. 

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