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Yumbana is passionate about creating gluten-free and allergen-friendly foods that taste great. So go ahead, enjoy food again!

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"In 2010 our family was diagnosed with gluten and soy allergies. It was an abrupt introduction to products that did a poor job of replacing the foods we enjoyed eating on a daily basis. The restrictive diet we were forced to embrace robbed much of the joy we experienced in life through food. The one question that needed answering was, 'Is it even possible to make gluten-free foods that taste good?' I decided to find out by experimenting with banana bread recipes using gluten-free ingredients.

In 2011, I developed a delicious recipe that made moist, tasty banana muffins the way I remembered my mom baking them as a child. We decided to call the YUMmy BANAna muffin recipe YUMBANA and an idea was born!


With roughly 1 in 10 people living with some kind of food allergy, our mission is to return the joy of eating again to everyone following restricted diets.  Yumbana is dedicated to bringing back the joy of eating your favorite foods without the gluten, soy and other allergens."

-Christopher Lehn

Founder & Owner