All our pies are fully baked and ready to eat!

What makes them really special is our signature crust! 

Apple Pie

Our Double Crusted Apple Pie is special on any occasion. Filled with Granny Smith apples and cinnamon then baked to perfection. Our signature crust with its flaky texture and delicate overtones create a great American favorite. This pie is Dairy and Nut Free and is fully baked. 

Net Weight 29 oz  

Key Lime Pie

Made with real key lime juice and lime rind! This best selling pie is creamy, tart and fantastic. If you like citrus pies give our Key Lime pie a try! Pie is fully baked. Best if served chilled.


Net Weight 23 oz 

Cherry Pie

Plump juicy cherries are the min attraction of this pie. Our top and bottom crust compliment the filling and its wonderful texture. This pie is Dairy and Nut Free and is fully baked. 

Net Weight 29 oz 

Blueberry Pie

A seasonal favorite for those who are looking to savor the taste of summer. Full plump blueberries are held between our flaky double crust. Dairy free, fully baked and ready to eat . . . warm it for best taste.

Net Weight 29 oz

Holiday Pies

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie like your mom used to make! Customers tell us they stopped making their own when they tried ours. Balanced flavors between spices and pumpkin give it a thoroughly enjoyable taste.Baked in our signature flaky crust. Available for the holidays.

Net Weight 23 oz

Pecan Pie

Whether you are from the south or not if you like nuts you will love our Pecan Pie! If you cannot eat dairy products, you will love it more because it is also dairy free! A timeless holiday favorite with caramelized pecans on top of a sumptuous filling. Made with our signature crust. Available for the holidays.

Net Weight 23 oz

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