Lunches, snacks desserts . . . there's always time for a crunchy, tasty cookie. Made with multigrain flour blends and natural Non-GMO ingredients.

Pikes Peak

Oatmeal Walnut Chip Cookies

Buttery flavor accents each crunchy bite of the Pikes Peak Cookie. Made with certified GF oats and oat flour and the delicious combination of walnuts and chocolate chips. Named after America's favorite peak it may be your favorite too!

Net Weight 6 oz - 6 cookies 

Little Bear Peak

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Its hard to beat the taste of crisp crunchy chocolate chip cookie! Little Bear Peak cookies are a hug when you need one. Great with milk or for making ice cream sandwiches!

Net Weight 6 oz - 6 cookies 

Conundrum Peak

Double Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate lovers will enjoy the crisp texture of the Conundrum Peak chocolate cookie. And of course there are chocolate chips . . . chocolate makes everything only better! 

Net Weight 6 oz - 6 cookies 

Humboldt Peak

Molasses Spice Cookies

Humboldt is a delicious adaptation of a family favorite. The buttery ginger flavor carrying a hint of molasses found in Humboldt has created followers of its own. Great with tea or coffee or tall glass of milk. 

Net Weight 6 oz - 6 cookies

Holiday Cookies

These special cookies are sold during the holidays to help make

your time with friends and family extra special.

Viennese Almond Cookies

So many people have shared with us how these cookies reminded them of a special family time or recipe they remember. Crisp, light and absolutely divine! Made with almond flour and topped with powdered sugar. 

Net Weight 5.5 oz - 8 cookies 

Gingerbread men are always a special way to make family memories decorating them with smiles and buttons. Our gingerbread has a rich flavor and wont fall apart when you serve it. 

Net Weight 6 oz - 8 cookies 

Gingerbread Men Cookies
Sugar Cookies

Each package of Sugar cookies comes with different shapes so you can decorate them anyway you want. A hint of vanilla flavors this holiday treat that we think is best not overly sweet. 

Net Weight 6 oz - 8 cookies 

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