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We began with the quest to make a YUMmy BANAna muffin, and we succeeded! People liked it so much we named the company Yumbana.  Since then, we created a line of delicious products that include items most Celiacs and Gluten Intolerant folks never thought they could have again. Our dedicated Gluten Free bakery transforms nutritious GF flours and quality natural ingredients into a variety of flavors and textures that bring back the joy of eating. We believe that just because your diet is restricted it doesn't mean your life needs to be! 

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For many people a gluten free diagnosis and lifestyle is much like a sentence; being banished to live a life of restriction and embarrassment. Yumbana offers foods that makes living a restricted diet enjoyable. Yumbana products are made with wholesome Gluten, Soy and GMO Free ingredients. Many of our items are Dairy Free and Nut Free. Whether you choose one of our pies or full-size cakes to serve the whole family that everyone will enjoy; cookies or drizzle cake for your child's lunch. or pie crusts to make your own creation, you will find the same great taste and texture.

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